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[FOBCHEM Website](hereinafter referred to as "FOBCHEM" "We" "our web site") is committed to protect your privacy. As to the features of Internet, the operation of our website will inevitably have direct or indirect interaction with you. It is hereby stated that we made policies on the collection, application and protection for your personal information as you are in our website. Please read them carefully:

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Article 1

We will use your computer's IP address to collect non-personally identifiable information, such as the type of browser and operating system, the domain name of ISP which supplies accessing service etc. This will help us to recognize server's problem so that we can improve our management and optimize the quality of pages displayed on your computer screen; the information will also be used for visitors & page view statistics.

This non-personally identifiable information can help us to recognize the area distribution of the likeness of content and ensure the effectiveness of our promoting activities. Moreover, FOBCHEM may disclose this information to relevant advertisers so that they can know how many people have clicked their advertisements.

Personal Information

Article 2

With your consent and confirmation, FOBCHEM will ask you to provide some personal information by forms of register forum, order and so on when you register as a user, post articles or participate in public discussions. The personal information includes:

· Personal Identification Information: such as name, gender, age, birth date, ID card number (or
    passport number), telephone number, postal address, home address and email address.
· Individual background: profession, education, income level, marital status, families etc.

FOBCHEM collects such kind of personal information only for the purpose of ensuring it could provide an easier and more pleasant service to its registered users.

Without your consent and confirmation, FOBCHEM won't use the information you submitted for attending certain activities of our web site for any other purpose. But Article 6 stated below is an exception.
Meanwhile, FOBCHEM's registered users and visitors should know that when they disclose their personal information on FOBCHEM's private web pages, public forums or public areas of other web sites, this information may be gathered by other parties to be used to send out junk mail or for other purposes.

Information Security

Article 3

FOBCHEM is committed to protect and manage the information you provide online strictly. We will use respective technology to prevent your personal information from losing, being stolen or tampered.

User's Right

Article 4

For your personal information, you have rights as follows:
· To search and ask for reading at any time;
· To make up or modify at any time;
· To ask for deleting at any time;
To ask for stopping being handled or used by computer at any time.

User is the only person who should take responsibility for his account password and information. When you are online, please be careful about it.

Restriction on Use of User's Information

Article 5

FOBCHEM will only use this personal information outside the necessary scope when it is in accordance with one of the following conditions:
· Having got your written approval;
· In order to avoid the urgent danger with respect to your life, body or property;
· In order to avoid fatal harm to other person’s rights and interests;
· In order to increase public benefits and do not affect your master rights and benefits.

Regulation on the Disclosure of Personal Information

Article 6

FOBCHEM will disclose personal information according to the requests of legal executive department or for the purpose of public security provided the official departments ask us to do so under legal procedure.

Public Forum

Article 7

FOBCHEM provides you with services such as free trusteeship, chat room, bulletin board and so on. Please remember that any information you disclosed in these areas will become public information. So, FOBCHEM solemnly remind you to consider seriously when you determine to disclose the personal information in these areas.

Privacy Protection for the Underage

Article 8

FOBCHEM will build and maintain all reasonable procedure to protect the safety and privacy of Minors' Personal Information. FOBCHEM solemnly states that any Minor under 16 years of age should get prior written approval from their parents or guardian (hereafter the “Guardian”) before they take part in any online activities.

"Guardian" should take the primary responsibility in protecting Minors' right of privacy in network environment.

The Minors' Personal information collected by FOBCHEM is only used for the purpose of replying Minors' certain requirement and will be deleted from records as soon as finishing the reply. FOBCHEM won't keep this information for other usage.

FOBCHEM will not use Minors' Personal Information, nor will it disclose or transmit to any third party the recognizable information of the Minor without prior approval of the Guardian. If the only purpose of collecting the name of Guardian or Minor or other contact information is to get approval from the Guardian, FOBCHEM will delete such kind of information from record if we could not get approval after a reasonable period.

With the prior approval of the Guardian, FOBCHEM could collect Minors' Personal information, FOBCHEM will provide to the Guardian followings:
· The opportunity to check the information collected from his child or his ward;
· The opportunity to refuse any further collection or utilization of personal information of his child
    or ward;
· The method to modify or delete the personal information of his child or ward.

The Guardian have right to refuse any further connection between FOBCHEM and his child or ward.
FOBCHEM collects Minors' Personal information only for the purpose of protecting these Minors when they take part in any online activities. We will not use this information for any other purpose. FOBCHEM promises that we won't ask Minors to provide any other additional personal information as a condition that permits him to take part in online activities.


Article 9

· Cookies are small text files stored by your browser on your computer when you visit our
    website. In order to supply our customer with more convenient service, we use cookies to
    store or track visitor's information by accident.
· By using cookies, FOBCHEM could supply you with personal characteristic services more
    circumspectly. We will use Cookies to track the reading habits of their visitors so that we
    can supply you with the content you like and save your time. Also, we will use cookies to
    help you to store your password so that you do not need to insert password when visit our
    web site next time.


Article 10

Except those stipulated in Article 6, FOBCHEM also do not need to take any responsibility for the following satiations:
· Any disclosure of your personal information due to your disclosure to others or because
    you share one registered account with others.
· Any disclosure, losing, being stolen or tampered with due to PC's problem, hacker attack,
    computer virus invasion, or temporarily shut down leads by government regulation, and
    other Force Majeure affecting the normal operation of the network.

Modification and Update for this Statement

Article 11

FOBCHEM reserves the right of modification and update for this statement.

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